Mark Glastonbury

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Welcome to  Glastonbury Dance Studio. 

 I hope you find this website informative and interesting as an initial introduction to the Studio.

mark.glastonbury@hotmail.com   www.glastonbury.co.nz      0274415880

Here are the types of  dances you can learn and enjoy:
Waltz - Slower version of classic Viennese Waltz (1800's).

Foxtrot - Silky smooth favourite of many.  Named after Harry Fox, magician and entertainer for the way he danced around the stage.

Tango - The passion dance with staccato (sharpness) and derived from Argentine Tango.

Quickstep - Light and skippy, and as the name suggests, quick. Sometimes very!

Rumba - The Cuban 'love dance' with definite yet sultry hip action.

Samba - From Brazil and its many festivals and carnivals.

Cha-Cha - Again from Cuba with spice and cheekiness

Jive - From the U.S.A and based on Afro American music. Similar dances are Lindy Hop, Swing and good ol’ Rock n Roll. 

Paso Doble - From Spain but developed in France.  It depicts the bull fight where the man is a Matador and the lady is his cape.

Argentine Tango - A legend of dance styles from the bordellos of the 18th Century Argentina to the aristocrats of 1920s Paris. Passion and improvisation abound. A unique dance that should be attempted, and enjoyed, by everyone at least once.

New Vogue -  A sequence based dance incorporating Waltz, Foxtrot,Tango and March timing.  Enjoyed by young and old.