Wedding Couples

So the Big Day is rapidly approaching and you are positive you have everything sorted.

Picture this!!

Speeches are over, dinner was fabulous, then someone you thought you trusted, namely the M C, proudly announces that the wedding couple,   yes that's you,   will perform the wedding dance.      PARDON!!!

It will happen and remember most of your parents met on the dance floor,   SO...

Booking Wedding Dance lessons is a must... and no, popping along to a Beginners course won't cut it...  WHY?

1: You will get 4 or 5 dances you don't need.

2: You won't dance to your chosen piece of music.

3: You will be in a class environment which means you will only get a percentage of the tutors time. each week.


1: Have the tutor design a dance for you, and you only.

2: Bring along YOUR selection of tunes, on disk or ipod.

3: Receive 1 on 1 lessons, at a time that suits you both.

After tutoring many wedding couples over the last 5 years and using varying music styles I assure you the  stress of this potential 2  1/2 minute ordeal will be greatly reduced by arranging lessons, 3 months in advance of the wedding date  with

The Glastonbury Dance Studio.